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Let’s face it. Today your company cannot prosper and grow your market share without including a social media strategy as part of your overall public relations plans. Regardless of whether you are actively managing your company’s social media or not, your clients and prospects are most definitely discussing your product online.

We often see that our clients either do not have experienced staff to plan, execute and lead their new media strategies or they do not want to add and train additional personnel for this crucial function. We seamlessly fill that gap.

  • Call to Action/Bookings and Reservations
  • SEO & Increased Likes, Follows, etc.
  • Content creation
  • Lead Generation Platforms
  • Sponsored content and posts
  • Travel media tours (Fams)
  • Build Brand Loyalty
  • Advocacy and Ambassador Programs
  • Long Term and Viral Consumer Engagement
  • Social Media Events & Promotions
  • Top Tier Blogger Engagement
  • Create Social Media & Traditional PR Campaigns

Pink is the New Black

More and more studies show that women are the primary decision-makers for almost every product or service from cars, computers to clothing. For a company to stay out of the red they need to realize that ‘pink is the new black.’ For today’s consumer, one size does not fit all. Fashion, travel, beauty products and consumer products for women is where we sparkle.

Let us know how we can bring your PR strategies fully into new media. What do you need?. Tell us, cause' we are sure we got it.

Latest Pink & Black Papers

  • 4/23/2014 - WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN IT'S RAINING? I don’t think it comes as a surprise that I am a raving fan of the ABC hit “Scandal.” Olivia Pope is in PR. So am I. She has a signature color (white) so do I (pink). We both love a good glass of wine. She sucks down Merlot like it’s...
  • 4/2/2014 - Yonderbound Launch Press Release .pdf
  • 3/19/2014 - Do Brands Die When Their Icon Does? This week the fashion world lost an amazing artist L'Wren Scott. I have to admit, I took this news personally and I felt pain for her. Why? Well for starters, she was the partner of my future second husband Mick Jagger. She was as tall as I want to be and...