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In Laura, you will find an accomplished speaker, but one who gets to the point using her own special brand of "High Heeled Power." She mixes sound business advice based on her rollercoaster career.  Topics include:

  • Marketing to women
  • Sales & marketing to multicultural consumers
  • Social media 
  • Family consumer spending & habits
  • Family travel
  • Fashion & beauty
  • Women in business
  • And more

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What People Say About Laura & Her "High Heeled Power" Speeches

Laura Spencer, Disney Social Media Manager, outlined how as a shy child, she made amazing things happen by believing in dreams, hopes, wishes and light. She emphasized “as women, we don’t realize how powerful we really are to make a difference and to do it all.”

I was most excited about getting to hear from Laura Spencer!  She is bold and funny, and I thoroughly enjoyed her advice.  I’m not sure what I expected, but I was surprised and delighted at some of the mildly risqué statements she threw out there. One thing she prides herself on, and expects from others, is making yourself accessible.  If you call or email her, she will respond to you. 

The next speaker was Laura Spencer, a social media manager for Disney Destinations. She was absolutely hilarious. She talked about female empowerment and urged women to take the time to support each other. I found her talk to be entertaining. 

Water Water Everywhere

Next up was Laura Spencer, the Social Media Manager for Disney Destinations. What a hoot she is! She had us laughing or LOLing, as we say in the social media world! Somehow, girdles and corsets made their way in to her talk and we all laughed, probably cause most of us can relate! LOL!  When she started talking about her grandmother, I could fill my eyes welling up. Even as I type this, they well up. We can always learn SOMETHING, even back from the old days of our grandparents. 
Ears To Adventure

Next up was Laura Spencer, Disney’s Social Media Manager and a firecracker! She was probably the most hilariously honest and “real” person I’ve heard speak in a long, long time. She did Disney proud.
A Nut In A Nutshell.Com

When Laura took the stage, she made us all laugh by chatting about girdles and corsets, then she made us all cry by sharing a very touching story about how much she learned from her Grandmother and how we should never make the mistake of thinking we’re too good to learn from anyone. She explained how we had to go back to the “old school” to make business successful. . . . . She left us with a fantastic tidbit of extremely important information which is that we are very powerful and if we could work together, we wouldn’t need to change the world, it would already be a better place!
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